Webinar: Effective Strategies for Engaging Families in Your Program


When: Tuesday, February 23, 2010, 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Where: TTA Center and online

Designed for: Directors, Education Managers and Supervisors, Family & Community Partnership Managers, Child Care and Pre-K Partners

In a speech last summer, President Obama challenged parents to take a more active role in their children’s education and to pay more attention to their schools. He explained, “ I want them (children) aspiring to be scientists and engineers, doctors, and teachers, not just ballers and rappers!” He calls the years before a child reaches kindergarten, the most critical in his or her life to influence learning. As a result of scientifically-based research on the affect of the home on children’s learning, parent engagement in supporting the development and learning of their children has gained much national attention. Early childhood education programs are challenged to find and implement more effective strategies for working together with parents to improve the educational success of their children.

To help position you to respond to this national priority, the TTA Center has designed an interactive webinar to involve you and key staff in examining ways to more effectively engage parents. The session will: 1) briefly review the latest research; 2) help you assess your current strategies and challenges; and 3) share approaches for engaging parents in innovative and meaningful ways. Join us onsite at the TTA Center, or participate as a program team from your offices, and begin to re-create the vision for parent engagement in your program.

You can participate in two ways:

  1. Join your colleagues at the TTA Center for the webinar and take part in on-site discussions about your program’s parent engagement strengths and challenges; or
  2. Access the webinar from your office. If you participate in this way, we ask that you convene key managers and partners in your program to watch the webinar together and take part in the discussion and problem solving.

Whether you join us in person at the TTA Center, or participate from your program, please register yourself and your staff so we can provide you with additional information following the webinar and documentation of your training hours. Our webinar format offers ample time for you to gain the latest information on parent engagement, ask questions, share strategies and information with colleagues within and across states, and learn about best practices.