Videoconference: Serving Homeless Children and Families


When:                  Thursday, January 14, 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Designed for:       Directors, Family and Community Partnership, Mental Health, and Health Managers

This interactive webinar will engage you and key program managers in an interactive webinar that you can participate in two ways:

  • Join your colleagues at the TTA Center for the webinar and take part in discussions about your program’s initiatives to recruit and effectively serve homeless children and their families; or
  • Join the webinar from your office. If participate in this way, we ask that you convene key managers in your program to join in the webinar together and take part in the discussion and problem solving.

Stacy Dimino, the Program Manager of the Massachusetts TTA Center, will present the webinar. Stacy is well known for her Head Start leadership on this issue; her former program served many homeless families. Subsequently, she led initiatives at Horizons for Homeless Children, including nationwide training activities on serving homeless families.

During the webinar you will:

  • Review the McKinney Vento and Head Start Acts as they apply to serving children and their families who are homeless
  • Examine Head Start documentation requirements applicable to serving the homeless
  • Discuss the effects of homelessness on young children and families and on parents’ ability to parent
  • Hear from two programs about their experiences with recruiting and serving homeless families
  • Identify ways to support your staffs who are working with children and families without homes

We have structured this TTA session to connect your colleagues across Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. The webinar format offers ample time for you to gain the latest information on serving homeless families, ask questions, share strategies and problem solve with colleagues within and across states, and capture best practices.

Whether you join us in person at the TTA Center, or participate from your program, please register you and your staff today so we can provide you with additional information following the webinar and documentation of your training hours.