Webinar: Strengthening Systems to Support Family Literacy in Head Start


When: Thursday, June 8, 2010, 10:00 am – noon

Where: TTA Center and online

Designed for: Teams of Head Start and Early Head Start Programs including directors, family and community partnership, parent involvement, education managers and community partners

Family Literacy services are mandated by the Head Start Act and identified specifically in the Head Start Program Performance Standards – they are at the core of all of Head Start’s work and have a place in almost every aspect of the Head Start program. They are effective in helping parents get involved in their children’s literacy development and they impact the entire range of child outcomes described in the Head Start Child Outcomes Framework, such as language development and building positive approaches to learning. However, to be of lasting value, Family Literacy must be interrelated and multi-focused—reaching out to children, families, and staff—and intentionally woven into all program systems.

To help you to examine and assess your approach to family literacy, the TTA Center has engaged the National Head Start Family Literacy Center to facilitate an interactive webinar to involve you and key staff in examining ways to more effectively integrate family literacy across program systems. The session will: 1) review the components of family literacy as described in the Head Start Act; 2) look at research on successful family literacy systems; and 3) help you assess and refine your current family literacy systems. We invite you and your team to join us onsite at the TTA Center, or participate as a program team from your offices, and begin to re-create the vision for family literacy in your program.

You can participate in two ways:

  1. Join your colleagues at the TTA Center for the webinar and take part in on-site discussion; or
  2. Access the webinar from your office as a team. If you participate in this way, we ask that you convene key manager, supervisors, and staff in your program to join together to watch the webinar and take part in the reflective discussion.

Please register each staff member separately so we can provide additional information following the webinar and documentation of training hours. To register, click the link above and complete the registration form.